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Claude and Marcela invite you to one week of adventure in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

Discover below the activities that we can propose you during your stay.


Upon your arrival at the Bella Vista airstrip you will be met by local people playing their traditional music. A taxi will be waiting to whisk you to our resort where you will be welcomed with a cocktail.

 Discover the flora and fauna in our garden and visit the village
We will find some free time to show you the park and point out the 70 different types of trees, 28 of which are fruit trees. We will also look at the animals that share their space with us.  After lunch, we will take a ride near the partk, the river sides, fauna and others. Continuing the ride, we will go to the town, here we can admire their crafts, beauty and friendly people.


 Cowboys in action and photograph opportunities (Minimum 4 people)

After a delicious coffee, a boat will take us across the river, then an off road vehicle will take us to a ranch called "Estancia Guachababa".

On arrival, breakfast is ready, and after we will do the cowboys work, taking more than one thousand cows to the corral, selecting them for vaccinations, etc.

In the evening, we will head to a lake where crocodiles, capiguaras (capibaras, the world's largest rodent), pios, and ducks live.

River and rainforest

Wake up at 4:30am with a cup of coffee for breakfast. We take a boat that will lead us to San Martín river, where we will discover the rainforest and river dawn. Birds and animals welcome you with a wonderful dawn chorus. After one and a half hours navigating the river, we come to a small community in the heart of Amazon - “California ". There we will have breakfast, and continue our journey towards the golden hill “Orícore ".

For about 20 minutes we will climb a higher hill, to take in the panoramic view. Then return to our facilities at lunch time.

After dinner, a folkloric group will visit us, so we can enjoy the dances and the songs of the people from Bellavista.


Horses and Hills with Marcela

Marcela, along with specialized guides, will take you by footpath to the hills, where we will discover a great variety of trees and vegetation. Here we can lasted plants with medicinal properties. But don't worry if we are thirsty, we can enjoy the water contained in "palo de agua" (a vine that contains potable water) that has the peculiar virtue of preventing or curing prostate cancer. We can also take a look at the "palmito ", whose hearts make a delicious salad.

We will visit the town and be able to enjoy the pretty riversides around Bellavista. 

Piranhas, crocodiles and londras

From june to december. We start sailing the Baure River. According to the level of the water, we will be able to enter a called stream “Trinidadcito ", where we can Lastd a lot of piranhas, crocodiles and londras. If the level of the water is very low, we head to the border of the river and thus we have the possibility to take good photos of various animals and fish.

By the evening, we have a trek that lasts three hours to the mount. There you will discover the wonders that the nature presents to us, listening to the sounds of the Amazon and taking photos.

The house of the freshwater dolphins (Inia geoffrensis) and a walk

In the Baure River, near the village we will take a walk to see the pink and blue river dolphins. Carrying on up the river we will go to the Salitral and into the forest to a small lagoon; home to many animals and giant trees.




Monkey and Parrot Island
After crossing the San Martín river on horseback we shall go for an hour and a half through the pampas to an island where there is a troupe of monkeys, flocks of parrots, wild turkeys, small deer, etc.

Sensation and emotion
After an hour by boat, at nightfall, we come to the rocks of Verdún to listen to the sounds of the large fish in search of food, the crocodiles and the river dolphins. In the jungle by the side of the river you can hear birds singing, and at night, the growling of a jaguar. Guaranteed to get your heartbeat going!



A night of typical music
A local group will come to entertain you with traditional music, dancing and song and the dancers from the village will show off their beautiful typical dress.

Beach and relax

Here you can relax on the beach next to the River Baures and watch the local people swimming, fishing, playing and bartering their produce.


Laguna Gérard
20 minutes upriver we enter the forest to reach a lagoon 100 meters from the riverside. We will be able to see crocodiles, capybaras and different varieties of birds. The fishing is good but difficult here but we can catch tucunares, piranhas, bentones and surubies. In the lagoon outlet we can fish for curubinas, piranhas and palometas. And then have a feast for lunch!




Some activities are better at certain times of the year as much depends on the height of the river. From December to April the water can rise up to 7 metres and begin to recede in May.

All pictures were done in Bella Vista