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The nature lovers, photographers, travellers, fishermen, riders, scientists who visit us often ask us how we decided to set up EL TUCANARE resort and so we’ll tell you...
The tucanare or peacock bass is commonly caught in the Amazon.
It is beautiful, colourful, easy to fish and has a delicate meat. come and visit us so you can try it.

Our Center

Our tourist center is located on the edge of the San Martín river in Bella Vista, with an extension of 2 hectares (map : Click here)

Our facilities can hold up to 15 people and you can choose from:
Nido de Garza
A wooden chalet with separate double bedroom (extra bed on request), private bathroom and living room.

4 cabins with 3 beds (request bed size) and private bathroom.
Nido del Picaflor
Nido del Manguarí
Nido del Matico
Nido del Tucán

La Cueva del Tigre
Double bedroom, shared bathroom
Nido de Águila
Double and single bed, shared bathroom.

Nido del Lorito
Double and single bed, private bathroom.

All of the rooms are simple and traditionally built. Inside they are modern, confortable and each one have a bathroom with hot shower.

All buildings have mosquito nets on the doors and windows and over each bed is a mosquito net 2.3m high.


Our restaurant service offers typical local foods, the menu is international, European, and national.

We have a variety of fish; our specialty is ceviche (fish cooked with lemon), cheese, meat pasties, "enrollado de carne" (meat wrapped in a banana leaf), "chicha" (corn, yucca or fermented banana liquor).

We have a wide variety of drinks that they are brought in from France:
- Appetitizers, pastis, port, pinot des Charentes, jet 27.
- A wide variety of white, red, rosé wines.
- Digestives, cognacs, armagnac, calvados. We also have a variety of Bolivian, Argentinian and Chilean wines

Claude Brosse & Marcela Gastelú
Bella Vista (Vía Magdalena)
Provincia Itenéz - Beni - Bolivia
Tel.: 00 591 346 54 858

All pictures were done in Bella Vista